How’s it goin’?

December 1, 2009

I had an amazing experience at the Minnesota Writing Project last summer.  My final piece for the summer institute is entitled “Getting Lost.” I wrote about two life-changing events: buying my first house and the end of my relationship of nearly eight years.  I’ve decided to use this piece for my final writing project.

I love “Getting Lost” and a part of me is anxious about trying to adapt it into a digital writing piece.  I know already that I can’t be too attached to the entire piece.  I will probably have to edit out some words and shift things around to make it work with images and sound.  I’ll also need to resist the urge to use every photo I’ve taken of my house since I first saw it in mid-January.  I don’t want my viewers to overdose on images.  I’m excited to find music that conveys the mood of these two milestones in my life.  I plan to use a few songs that I will probably always, for the rest of my life, associate with the relationship.  Like the songs that Curtis put on a mix tape he made for me in college before we even started dating.

Below is a sneak peak.  I dug out this strip of photos this morning.  I haven’t looked at them in over a year.  Already, looking at them is bringing back a flood of thoughts and emotions.  I’m a little nervous about where this project is going to take me emotionally.  I feel like I’m on the verge of opening up a big Pandora’s box.  But I’m also hopeful that this whole process will be therapeutic for me, just like it was last summer.  Here goes nothing….