And the winners are…

November 20, 2009

Blogging has been a fun adventure.  I was tentative at first because my writing would be public.  I was no longer just writing for the instructor.  But I loosened up after a few posts and I love writing for an audience now.  Knowing that peers and colleagues will be reading my writing ups the ante and, consequently, enhances the quality of my writing.  The feedback from others has been encouraging and that has boosted my confidence in my ability to produce something that other people actually want to read.

Most professional post: I can write, but can I tell a good digital story?

This one is professional but still personal.  I wove together a citation from the readings with my own thoughts and anxieties about digital writing.  I also offered two good links to sites where readers could find examples of really touching, sometimes hilarious, oral storytelling.

Most creative post: Storytelling

I actually made a Voice Thread!  I matched text to images!  I learned so much from this process so, although the final product is most likely too long (given what I know now about how to make a digital story), it was well worth it.  I always learn best by doing.

Best designed post: Bonjour!  Nous sommes mercredi.  Comment ca va?

This is just the winner by default.  It was the only candidate.  Overall, the design of my blog was nothing to write home about!  I almost totally neglected design and have only one image on my blog.  I certainly could have spruced up my entries with more visual images, especially because my posts were quite long.  That much text can be off-putting.  Next time I blog, there will be more images!

People’s Choice Award: over my head

From day one, I’ve been impressed with Debi’s ability to write and engage her reader.   Her writing is honest, thoughtful, funny and engaging.  I read her writing and want to be her friend.  This post especially was just so darn entertaining.  Her lead hooked me, and I wanted to read more.  I learned new things about students on the autism spectrum.  Since September, Debi has woven the class readings together with reflections about herself and her job as a special education teacher.  It was always pretty clear to me that a lot was going on in her head each week, and she was able to convey all of that deep thinking clearly in her writing.


One Response to “And the winners are…”

  1. wanderingturnip said

    Thanks Kelsey 🙂 You know I’m over here reading your blog for the very same reasons!

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