In search of a good blog…

September 20, 2009

I went in search of a good blog today.  I had to do this because I never read anyone’s blog.  I began by searching to see if any of my favorite writers had good blogs.  I didn’t have much luck.  Then I had the idea to go to my alma mater’s website and browse through a list of Mac grads who maintain blogs. I clicked on the name of a guy who used to sing in the men’s a capella group and discovered his daddy blog.  From his blog, I clicked on a link to a wonderful blog called Cry It Out: Memoirs of a Stay-at-Home Dad.

Cry It Out is a daddy blog written by Mike Adamick, a successful author who lives in the Bay Area.  His work is regularly featured on NPR, on news websites and in national newspapers.  Needless to say, he is an excellent writer, and his blog is good primarily for that reason.  His writing is honest, funny and engaging. It can also be quite beautiful and poignant.  For example, in a recent post about traveling to Europe with his wife and daughter, he wrote:

She has stripped us naked.  A country we had seen two times before is suddenly new again.  Our familiar haunts are more inviting than we remembered.  The food is tastier, even the greasy offerings in the menu touristico. Everything is a wonder. Everything is a delight.

Everything is magic.

The blog has a good layout and a nice banner.  Adamic also spices up his blog entries with really beautiful photos of his daughter and their life together.  He also has a photo of the day, an incentive to visit the site often.

The most obvious way in which this blog exemplifies networking is that the author has several links to other mommy and daddy blogs.  Moreover, the whole process I went through to find his blog (starting in a familiar place that eventually led me to his blog) demonstrates how the Internet is a big web of connection (a big network, if you will).  I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that I found something good by starting with something I knew I already liked (Macalester).  It’s kind of like finding a good realtor, a good yoga class or a good restaurant: it’s probably best to start by asking your friends or colleagues for recommendations.  That way you can bypass some of the bad stuff and hopefully end up with something good based on the advice of people that you trust.


3 Responses to “In search of a good blog…”

  1. Deb Stortz said

    I love your idea about where to start looking for good blogs and those that we would find interesting. Thanks! It sounds like a good tip.

    It’s not surprising that the voice of this writer resonated with you: honest, funny and engaging. You write in the same style. I found myself wondering if you have ever thought about writing to be published?

  2. Molly said

    Ha! I loved that blog (cry it out). He (forgetting the author’s name…) is such a great writer. You can definitely hear his voice come through. I laughed out loud at the airplane food part (where their daughter was so excited and felt lucky to be eating the “fantastic” sandwiches!).

    It’s fun to “hear” (read) other peoples’ experiences. I’m not quite sure if I will get into blogging (maybe being a mom in a few months I’ll want to connect with other moms or ask questions) or maybe like Jan said in her blog this week it can become a time-eater. You can get lost in it all!

    We shall see…

  3. Maria Theissen said


    (May I just say that YOUR blog has a good layout and nice banner…very simple and aesthetically appealing.)

    I enjoyed reading Cry It Out, and was thankful to find another mildly-irreverent parenting site. I am looking forward to leaping from Adamick’s blog to others that he endorses.


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