My Dreams

September 17, 2009

I aspire to become more comfortable with digital writing.  I have a very limited web presence.  Mostly I just have a Facebook and even there I have a lot of anxiety about posting status updates.  I post once a month or so and when I do, I hope to be funny, clever and memorable.  I worry about the immediate reaction I will get from my audience (really, they’re just my Facebook friends). I’m anxious about typos and misplaced punctuation and read carefully before I click on submit.  I’ve even had to retract a couple of things because I immediately felt bad after posting them.  For example, last year I wrote “Kelsey sure hopes her ex finds someone special on” That came down pretty quickly.

I’d like to quell some of my worries about publishing online.  I hope that learning more about the software and programs that are available will help me feel more comfortable about using technology.

I’ll admit that it’s hard for me to imagine my kindergarten students using blogs, wikis and podcasts.  But I’m excited about the prospect of creating my own video essays or movies in French to share with my students to supplement the kindergarten curriculum.  French resources can be very hard to come by, and I think that digital writing could be quite useful in an immersion classroom because visual representations are so important when teaching children a new language.


3 Responses to “My Dreams”

  1. wanderingturnip said

    I think you definitely should have posted that facebook status update 🙂 (it’s never too late)

  2. Maria Theissen said


    I think that, in general, our little (but mightily powerful!) early primary crew is tasked with laying solid technological groundwork for the upper grades. You, however, as a kindergarten teacher unflinchingly working to usher your students into the digital world en Francais…well, let’s just say that I have a healthy respect for what you do each day.

    Where have you “started” (digitally) with your kiddies in the past?


  3. candance said

    I can’t wait to see what visual representations/visual essays you come up with or play with for your digital writing piece. I would love to do more myself with my son, to support his own language learning but find myself lacking when it comes to creative ideas. Your blog has already been helpful in getting me to think through some possibilities. Thanks

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